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After my medical studies at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, where I graduated in 1989, I followed the GP training at the same university. Shortly after graduating as a general practitioner, I returned to Curacao. At the time I did my internships at the Sint Elisabeth Hospital in Curacao I liked the Caribbean life so much that I already knew then that I would go back to Curacao as soon as I had completed my GP training. Since 1995 I have a general practice in Curacao.
Although the GP profession in itself is a beautiful profession, I experienced regular medicine as rather limiting. 15 minutes of consultation hours were often far too short for me to gain a clear insight into the factors in a person's life that had led to the disease state in which that person was. The standardized prescription of medicines for every ailment had also become increasingly difficult for me.
I started to delve into other treatmentmethods and what appealed to me was that it is assumed that the body has a self-healing capacity, but if that self-healing capacity is undermined in any way, disease occurs. The insight that we not only have a physical body but also an energetic body has made me understand better that health and illness manifest themselves on a physical, mental and spiritual level.
That is how I ended up with Bioresonance therapy, a test and treatment method that works with electromagnetic frequencies. With Bioresonance I test which disturbing factors are involved that block a person's self-healing capacity. Then I offer the body electromagnetic frequency information to eliminate those disturbing factors.
In addition, I offer two other therapies that help the body function better so that it can make itself healthy again. These therapies are P.E.M.F. (Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields) and Ozone Therapy.


The Green Clinic is located in The Space, a beautiful historic building in the heart of Otrobanda where holistic therapies are offered, like: holistic psychology, heart math, health coaching, holistic nutrition, energetic balancing, oracle card reading, family constellations, massages, thai bodywork, traditional chines medicine, acupuncture, arvigo therapy, pre- and postnatal massages, midwifery consultation.

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Hoogstraat 32, Otrobanda, Curacao

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